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A Personal Note from CEO Chris Morton 

The vision for Medical Components of America has been in my thoughts for over fifteen years. 

While traveling the world, managing companies in the plastics industry, it became more and more apparent that there was a significant opportunity within specific manufacturing segments; an opportunity existed to bring increased value to customers in these markets; an opportunity to redefine efficiency in plastics manufacturing.  

By utilizing a completely unique business model, I understood that significant value could be created for the customer in price, quality and service.

Where each aspect of the product realization process is developed for this specific need and with this focus one can ultimately build an optimized business model that is superior in all ways to that of the traditional business model currently utilized by the industry; thus, creating what we call “Total Company Optimization." 

If you need tight tolerance, thermoplastic parts, Medical Components of America can be the partner you need to enhance your businesses value, by lowering product and supplier management cost.

Thank you. 




- Chris Morton 

CEO Medical Components of America

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